Thursday, October 28, 2010


Things I want in a guy:

-A guy who not only loves the Lord, but actually lives his faith out everyday.



-Someone who will make me laugh.

-Someone who loves music at least as much as I do, and is at least as dorky about it as I am.

-A guy who is there for me- the good days and the bad.

-A guy who cares what I have to say.

-Someone who thinks I'm beautiful, tells me I'm beautiful, and makes me feel beautiful.

-A guy who treats me like I am the most precious thing in his life.

-Someone who constantly has talks with me to make sure we're on the same page.

-Someone who not only cares about me, but cares about others.

-Someone who gives me encouraging hugs or pats on the shoulder when I need them.

-A guy I can have serious conversations about one minute, and then act like a complete idiot with the next.

-A guy who, more than anything, wants to protect me.

-Someone who wants to make me happy.

-A guy who thinks I'm wonderful even when I don't think so.

-A guy who thinks I'm smart and funny.

-Someone who I can feel comfortable and open with 24/7.

-Someone who shares the same important values as me.

-A guy who wants to spend time with me whether its a 4 hour walk, or 5 minutes at lunch.

-A guy who will be whatever I need him to be. Even if its just being a friend.

-A guy who is patient, and puts my needs above his own.

-A guy who my friends like, and even desire me to be with.

-A guy who is kind and considerate and will send me a message or call me to tell me he hopes I have a great day.

-A guy who wants to do the right thing.

-A guy who treats women respectfully.

-A guy who is really mature, but also knows when to be silly.

-A guy who makes me feel like its not only ok to be me, but that its awesome for me to be me.

-A guy who would do anything for me, even if there's nothing for him in return.

-A guy that wants God to be at the center of any relationship.

-Someone who what he says and what he does are the same thing.

-A guy who I can see myself being happy with. A guy that I can see myself being with forever someday. A guy that I feel good being with. A guy that God wants me to be with. A guy who can be my best friend.

A lot to ask? Maybe. But its what I want. What I hope to have someday...

...and I might just have found a guy exactly like this.
Don't freak out people. I will keep you posted :)

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  1. You'll find him. I'm living proof that you can find the guy of your dreams, but really, I didn't find him.. God revealed him to me. I'll pray that God will/is doing the same for you. Love you.